Saturday, June 27, 2015

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I think it is important to be upfront about this. I am a High School dropout.  I dropped out, halfway through the 12th grade... but that is a little misleading as i had not passed an English class since the first half of the 10th grade.  Which, incidentally, is the last thing i remember learning about language.

Communication does not take place unless the communicator (the one with the concept/message/picture) is able to convey the message in such a way as to give the listener the ability to comprehend what exactly the message is.

Now, anyone who has every listened to gossip, or played... i think it was called "mailbox" when i was a youth (four decades ago), knows that, it does not take long for a message to get twisted and not at all what it was meant to be.  Now that i think about it... it's how the serpent in the garden got Eve to taste the fruit from the tree of 'the knowledge of good and evil'... he asked "Did God really say..." and then he did not use the exact words that God had given to Adam and Eve... which... one thing led to another... and BAM!  We are in the mess of the world as we know it.  (Yes, i am a Christian, and yes the protagonist will be as well... but, i am also human, and i do my best to portray all of the dirt that we go through as well...  I am a Christian because i am sinner, and not because i am perfect... because... anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me will know first hand.)

I digress...

Later on, i did earn my G.E.D. (which was actually pretty hard... anyone who reads this and is thinking about just doing the GED, i do NOT recommend it.  For one thing, you will not be able to enlist in the military - of you would want to - it WILL affect attempts to further education later, and it WILL affect attempts to find jobs that provide a 'livable' wage.  It took me almost a decade to finally get to college, and i had to take their placement exams.  A few weeks later i received two letters from the school.  The first one welcomed me, and advised me that my scores were admirable, and they wanted to invite me to join their 'Honors Society'.  The second one was a letter advising me that i would have to 'English 010'.  Note:  That is not a mistake... oh-one-oh.  Essentially, essay writing.  This took me four (4) attempts to pass!

I have no idea why i love to write short stories... and yet... here i am.  I have pieces of work scattered around here and there around the internet, and the feedback i get is pretty good.  People seem to like my imagery and pacing.  Where i fall short is run on sentences... perspective changes... tense changes...

I say all this to say in essence... i am NOT a professional writer.  I am not even a very good essay writer.  I write for myself mostly.  I share because i am interested in seeing if other people like them.  This is a hobby for me, and not a profession.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.

If you want to learn more about me, i have a "main blog" where i have shared a lot... it's been idle for a little while, but i hope to pick it back up from time to time.  It can be found here:  "Samurai's Dojo"

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