Wednesday, August 19, 2015

About this Blog

I enjoy writing, and i enjoy playing role playing games.  I especially enjoy writing about the gaming sessions.  I enjoy "bringing to life" the adventures of the characters.  As i grew older and had less and less time to participate in gaming sessions, it just drifted out of my life.  Well, my children are older now, and my beloved has a full time job once again (after she sacrificed time in the work force to be at home with the children while they were younger), and i once again have the occasional free time to "play with my friends again".

Last summer (2014), a friend of mine returned from GenCon psyched about Shadowrun AND he wanted to run a Shadowrun campaign!  For this mild geek... i could not have been more geeky-giddy.  The Shadowrun setting had LONG been a universe i wanted to spend time in.  Due to our various schedules, we do not get a chance to meet more than once every other month - at best, but, i was able to play again, and Shadowrun no less.

I feel bad for our Game Master (as of this post, i do not have his permission to use his name, or any of his various aliases yet), because it took me... at least a month to tweak, and wrestle with the 5e rules to get the character i wanted to play, just right.  Even the character's back story was a short story (I believe it was about 2,500 words).  Then. even after we started, there were minor odds and ends that i wanted to tweak to fit the Sioux Nation and back history i had, and so long as they were not game changers, or something overly obvious that had just happened, he worked with me.  That was when i knew i wanted to start writing about his adventures going forward.  Even in the first game session, i walked away with three pages of notes, and each session since then, the same thing.  Even in between gaming sessions, i would have narrative sessions (no karma or nuyen gain) with my GM... thus even more notes.

So, this blog is to share my scribblings, for me to exercise my creative itch, and in a lot of ways, it is like personal therapy for me.  I share it 'publicly' because a few of my friends enjoy reading my stories from time to time, and this is a medium that is easy to share... just provide them a link.  The main character is not a native English speaker, but does speak five languages.  So, at the end of each chapter, i will have gaming notes, or translation notes, etc. 

Not all of the stories will be good... some will probably be confusing, etc., but then, i am not a professional writer, and i deliberately did not 'monitize' this blog.  I am also not tracking how many people click on the page, etc.  I just want to enjoy the gaming and the writing.  If you enjoy, i am grateful.


Each 'chapter' will be presented at the top.  Occasionally, i will encounter a situation where Rain (my protagonist) will need to make an 'in-game' test, and i will present a numeric foot note reference for how it turned out.  I feel this will help see how the game mechanics were encountered, etc.  Since he is not a native speaker of English, these situations will also be presented with a capital alpha character footnote reference.  Occasional, i may cite a book, or movie, etc.  For these instances i will represent it with a lower case alpha character footnote reference.

Sneaking:  2 - (Agil 7 + 2 = 9 DP) -(2,4,2,5,2,5,3,2,4 = 2 hits) 
(A)  (ah-ee-ee-ee-ee) // An expression of anxiety.
(a)  Proverbs 6:6 – Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise

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